About Polyinvest

POLYINVEST project aims at improving conditions for investment in the rural areas, directly tackling the development gap between the regions of the SEE space. Through the development of an innovative information service about the availability and characteristics of marketable real estates, the project responds to: the needs of those public administrations interested in enhancing and gaining an income from a part of their real estates, converting them to productive uses, fostering the development of polycentrism; the needs of those investors who, having the tools to know the investment opportunities in the various territories, can benefit from infrastructural efforts made by the PAs and be helped in the administrative and bureaucratic course. The main activities of POLYNVEST project will be: a deep market analysis and collection of data on available real estates; study of real estate market’s legal and administrative procedures for each country; implementation and management of a platform (accessible from the internet) to manage the data; comprehensive promotion activity to put on the market the real estates and to obtain opportunities and potential investors; pilot actions which will provide potential investors with real estate availability, already done administrative and legal procedures and some planning simulations.

Main outputs will be: Legislative Framework Repository (LFR)–an archive for legislative and administrative information; Real Estate Repository (RER)–an archive for the location and characteristics of real estates; POLYINVEST information access platform (PIAP); Recommendation Report (RR) including the procedures for real estates’ purchase and commercial conversion. Main results will be: creation of a public-private cooperation network in the SEE space; diminishing of the development gap of the SEE regions improving marginal areas’ competitiveness; triggering off of economic development and local resources’ improvement through exogenous investments.

Project objectives

"POLYINVEST aims at improving the conditions for investments in the marginal areas of SEE space, favoring the entry onto the market of a broad offer of unused public real estates, with a consequent income and saving on the maintenance and management of the public assets. Starting from the previous experiences of the partners and of a strengthened best practice, the objective of the project is to develop an active approach to the market by the public administrations, favouring the definition and the implementation of complete territorial offer packages; these packages will include information about the real estates which can be alienated and information on the conditions which could favour the realization of investments from private investors. POLYNVEST means to reach the following specific results:
1. Characterise real estates and of the opportunities for their improvement offered the market
2. Development of standardized administrative and legislative procedures aimed at easing for the investors the purchase of the assets;
3. Carrying out of an interface (accessible from the Internet through CMS Technology), which can assure an easy access to the information about the chance for investments on public administrations’ properties in rural areas: location of assets, their characteristics, related administrative and legislative procedures, services of accompaniment and technical assistance made available by the assets’ owner;
4. Develop a methodological guideline about improvement of investments in rural areas to be a guide to local administration for better exploitation of their own rural area properties.